• Mia Ludlow

Sister Dragon

Hi, I am Sister Dragon (Mia, aged 15), and my brother has severe epilepsy and autism. This is all due to a stroke he had nearly 10 years ago, which I watched, oblivious as to what would follow. Being 5 when the stroke happened, I was pretty unaware of the whole situation, until it later hit me what his disabilities meant.

Being a moody teenager, I find dealing with his autistic tantrums difficult, and every big seizure I watch reminds me of the horrific, life changing illness my brother has been left with.

Thanks to Shooting Star Children's Hospice, I am able to have respite from my brother (who I do love really) and spend some much needed, quality time with my parents (and my puppy of course!).

As well as helping my brother, they have also supported the rest of my family, including me. I have received both play and art therapy from them in the last several years, providing me with comfort and a support network.

Please help other families like mine and support this life changing hospice, by doing your part in our year of fundraising. We are excitedly planning lots of fun events for everyone to get involved in!

Thank you for reading and watch this space for future updates and event from all of the dragons xxx

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