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Our Events kick off!!!

After weeks of planning (well a few), emailing local and national companies and inviting friends and family to attend - we have survived our first event. Thank you so much to our lovely neighbours who turned up to our Garden Party - it was so lovely to meet them all and we are so grateful for their generosity as we raised over £360 for Shooting Star!! I am so proud of my family for making it happen. The sun shone, there was a huge quantity of home-made cake (thank you to mum and neighbours!) and lots of games, a silent auction and a tombola organised by Mia and George... One lovely neighbour even organised a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey!

This is also the weekend the running the kicks off. I run the Vitality 10k with three lovely friends on Monday - a good excuse for carb loading at the garden party!

We really are grateful for all the support so far - from local companies, friends and family. I have realised over the past few weeks just how difficult fundraising is and there have been couple of moments when I have thought it is just too difficult BUT each day so far there has been at least one donation or a friend or family member offering to help. It keeps me going and I want to say a huge thank you to them and to all the crowds in London who won't know me personally but will be cheering all the runners on. It really is the supporters who keep us all going - thank you!

If you feel compelled to support, you can still sponsor the three of us running the Vitality 10K by clicking here:

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