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A very early morning walk....

Our first fundraising target is £300 for the Sunrise Walk so here is my first plea for sponsorship. I am so proud of my little girl for signing up to this one as it will definitely be a challenge for her. Last year following George's surgery we found out that Mia also needed surgery - a knee arthroscopy. She had struggled to walk since May and ended up needing to use a wheelchair for a holiday in October half term. I admit that when she first got the injury I was slightly pre occupied with George's impending surgery so by the November Mia was desperate for some respite from her own pain. Thankfully, six months on Mia is recovering well and has agreed to get up at 3am on 30th June for a 10k walk!

It's also a bit of challenge for me! I admit that I have looked at this event in the past and avoided it because of the early start - I really like my sleep!

So, please support us for this event if you can - not through getting up early and cheering us on (although you can if you want!) but through our event page!

Thank you so much in advance.

Nicky and Mia

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