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Coping with the unexpected

We launched George’s Dragons on St George’s Day last year and there is no way we could have predicted where we would be a year on and that Shooting Star Children's Hospices would need our support more than ever. 

When we set off on our fundraising challenge we aimed to raise £10k through sporting challenges and events for all. I personally was terrified about the challenge of London but quickly realised how difficult fundraising was - sending out dozens of emails a day asking for support. But we were rewarded with some fantastic donations. I can’t list them all but we were given venues, prizes, catering and 2 amazing quizmasters - thank you so so much to all who donated us, many of them going the extra mile to stay at events and support. And a huge thank you to all the friends and family who supported us, coming along to events, listening to me brainstorm ideas and persuading me to keep going, joining me in the running challenges and even organising events themselves. We feel so lucky for the support we were given. 

I admit there were times when I wanted to give up especially early on in this year but the fundraising team kept me going and we managed to host the fantastic Painshill Walk taking our total fundraising to over £22k! We have doubled our target!! 

And then suddenly our personal challenges were overtaken by worldwide ones. Whilst I had been very concerned about my readiness for London the option was taken out of my hands as it had to be cancelled. This is a huge event for the charity sector and SSCH have had to cut services at this incredibly difficult time for so many and we honestly worry about whether the charity will survive this crisis. 

At this difficult time we turn to our local communities and we are very grateful to our neighbours, both old ones and new ones. A road where we used to live came up with the fantastic idea of a street marathon. Our friend was meant to be running on Sunday for Children with Cancer and his neighbours will instead be running a mile each with him completing the last marathon! I admit to copying this idea (it’s such a good one!) and the first Ennismore marathon will be taking place on Sunday at 9.30! I’ll be running the first 2.6 mile loop and the idea is that a socially distanced relay marathon will take place. Details are still being ironed out My neighbours have been quick to support and again I realise the generosity of people. 

This year has been a difficult one with personal and global challenges but we have seen the generosity of people and really hope you can support SSCH on Sunday when we run our neighbourhood marathon. Hopefully I’ll be writing about the London one in 6 months time. 

Take care everyone and stay safe. 

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