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13k to A&E!

Back in July I wrote a blog about the difficulties of fundraising. Since then we have hosted our first Quiz Night and Julie and I have run our first half marathon. Both were events with highs and lows and personal struggles but we have come through them with more money raised for this amazing charity, and with smiles on our faces (well a sort of smile/grimace!)

The Ashtead Quiz Night was a huge success raising £2,500 for Shooting Star. We have so many people to thank including Andy, the fabulous Quizmaster, my wonderful sister in law, Katy, who wrapped prizes and kept me calm in the week before, everyone who donated raffle/auction prizes, everyone who came along and of course my amazing Mum for organising the event - Thanks so much Nanny Dragon! We had great fun on the night, the fish 'n' chips were excellent and we left the hall shattered but delighted with how the evening had gone.

Posing in front of the castle

A week later Mum, Jacqui, Julie and I headed off to Disneyland Paris (yay!) for another run challenge - 15k for Mum and Jacqui and 36k for Julie and me (5k Friday evening, 10k Saturday morning and 21k on Sunday morning!) I was in one of my favourite places in the world, the atmosphere was electric and thankfully Jacqui had her medical kit. Mum's ingrown toenail meant she walked in a pair of sandals and by the end of the weekend was barely walking. But the disaster of the weekend was Julie falling at the 8k mark of the 10k. Bravely she struggled round Disneyland on the Saturday going to First Aid finally on the Saturday evening with them showing just a little concern for her plans for the next day. Yes - she did still run the half marathon in excruciating pain and that evening we discovered on a trip to A&E that she had "strangled" her ankle and was wheelchair and crutches bound for the rest of the trip! I am so proud of her and she truly deserves the Disney bling. We all had a fantastic time and most of us plan to return again - think Julie needs to recover from a lot of trauma first!

Back home and a little achey and then on Wednesday a call from Shooting Star. Julie and I have been given Gold Bond places for the London Marathon. So we are officially training for that. Unfortunately I will be running Royal Parks on my own in a few weeks time but after that we will be back out training in the cold winter mornings. We also have our Car Treasure Hunt on 6th October and Weybridge Quiz Night on 9th November!! It's going to be a busy time...

So is running or fundraising easier? The jury is definitely still out on that one!!

All I do know is that I couldn't do it alone. Thank you all xx

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